Installation is simple and involves three basic steps. Watermaid Pty Ltd recommends the installation be undertaken by a qualified pool serviceman. However, installation is so simple, it can be performed by a qualified plumber and electrician or handy homeowner.

Step 1. - Installation of the Watermaid Chlorination Cell. 

The Watermaid cell is installed in the return-to-pool pipework, after the filter, after any heater and before any branch off lines to spas or waterfalls. Installation instructions are outlined in the "Watermaid Owners Handbook" included with each unit. 

Step 2. - Mounting & Connection of the Watermaid Power Pack.

The Watermaid Power Supply is mounted via a stainless steel wall bracket that is located within 5ft of the Watermaid Cell. The Watermaid Power Cord is simply connected into the time clock that operates the Pool Pump or can be connected directly to the pump itself. This ensures the Watermaid is only operational when the pump is running. 

Step 3. - Adding salt to your swimming pool. 

Salt is added to the swimming pool at the rate of 40 lbs (a standard salt bag) per 1000 gallons. Salt is readily available from all home improvement centers, hardware stores, and your local pool store. Initially, an average size swimming pool of 15,000 gallons will require approximately 600 lbs of salt or 15 - 40lb. bags.

It is not necessary to purchase expensive pool salt. Any Sea Salt or Solar Salt will work just fine and is available at most home centers for about $6.00 per 40lb. bag. (Non-Pellet Type) 


The Watermaid System makes its own chlorine for swimming pools by converting mild saline pool water (about 1/6th the concentration of seawater) into chlorine. The saline water is electrolyzed as it passes through the Watermaid cell and produces sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) for your swimming pool. Sodium hypochlorite is chlorine in a usable form, which purifies and sterilizes the water. The Watermaid's proven chlorination system destroys algae, viruses and bacteria from your swimming pool, everyday of the year, keeping your pool sparkling clean and clear for your family and friends to enjoy safe swimming.

The Watermaid Chlorination system will virtually eliminate purchasing, handling, storing or adding any sanitizing or hazardous chemicals such as liquid or granular chlorine. Not only will you have the peace of mind that the Watermaid Chlorination System is keeping your pool clean, clear, sparkling and sterile, but you will also enjoy other benefits of swimming in mild salt water. Soft silky feeling skin, no sore RED eyes or itchy skin. And, if your a natural blonde or otherwise, no GREEN hair.

Watermaid Chlorinators are capable of sanitizing all sized pools. A single Watermaid Unit is designed for pools up to 40,000 US gallons and can cope with the heaviest swimming pools chlorine demands. The Watermaid Unit has been engineered to incorporate a fully controllable chlorine output adjustment featuring a graduated series of LEDs. You set the amount of chlorine that your pool requires or turn the chlorine output to maximum to super-chlorinate! The Watermaid Unit is capable of manufacturing up to 1.5 US Gallons of liquid chlorine (12.5%) equivalent per day! That is up to double the chlorine production of most other brands.


Watermaid's proven salt chlorination system has many advantages over other forms of chlorine chemical dosing or automatic chlorine feed devices, ionizers or ozone generators. The Watermaid chlorination system virtually eliminates the cost of purchasing chlorine chemicals and or sanitizing agents.

The Watermaid chlorination system produces "on-site chlorine" and is about 1/6 the cost of purchasing liquid or granular chlorine. (for the same chlorine amounts)

The Watermaid chlorination system replaces the laborious task of manually purchasing chlorine and adding it to the swimming pool everyday. 

The Watermaid chlorination system minimizes the risks involved in the handling and storing of dangerous chlorine chemicals - A blessing for families with young children.

The Watermaid system disperses chlorine throughout the pool, more evenly and after the water is filtered via the circulation from the pump. With the Watermaid chlorination system, there is no need to alter any of the existing pool equipment. The Watermaid unit may be installed with the installation of new equipment (in the construction of a new pool) or simply added afterwards.

The Watermaid will self chlorinate your swimming pool. Even when you are on Holidays!

The Watermaid salt chlorination system does not add impurities to the swimming pool. All other forms of pool chlorination contain impurities, which not only cause discomfort to swimmers but also damages the pool! Using the Watermaid salt chlorination system and swimming in mild salt water is HEALTHIER and SAFER. - According to an Australian, State Health commission report "Childhood drowning in Sydney": Salt water is safer than fresh water as..."Death occurs twice as fast in fresh water than in saltwater".

With the Watermaid salt chlorination system, because the salinity in the pool is almost equal to that which is in your eyes and the fact that chlorine is dispersed throughout the pool more evenly, you do not get - SORE STINGING RED EYES.

With the Watermaid salt chlorination system, SWIMMERS DO NOT SUFFER FROM SKIN IRRITATIONS. People around the world bathe and swim in mild saline water for health benefits. People who have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions are not affected by chlorine chemicals as the chlorine is dispersed by the Watermaid system more evenly and over a longer period of time. 

The Watermaid salt chlorination system and swimming in mild saline water has been proven to be advantageous for Asthmatics and Allergy Prone swimmers.

With the Watermaid Chlorination system there is

Salt Water Chlorinators for Swimming Pools and Spas