WATERMAID USA, Inc. is the premier distributor of Australia's 1st manufacturer of Salt Water Chlorinators for Swimming Pools and Spas in the United States.
The WATERMAID Electrolytic, Salt Water Chlorinator
 for Swimming Pools and Spas makes its own on-site chlorine for your swimming pool and spa by converting mild saline pool water (about 1/6th the concentration of seawater) into chlorine.

The saline water is electrolyzed as it passes through the WATERMAID cell. As this happens, 100% (NaOCl) Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) is produced for your swimming pool. Sodium Hypochlorite is chlorine in a usable form which purifies and sterilizes the water.

Watermaid USA provides a complete line of Watermaid Replacement Parts for Watermaid Power Supplies WM10 - WM40 and Watermaid Cells which include EZ CleanCells (EZ300), QT300, QT400, XT300 and XT400 Cells. All carry the full manufacturers warranty. 

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The most economical way to automatic pool maintenance for a crystal clear pool.

Watermaid's products are designed for simple installation. 

The WM40-EZY300 is for most residential and commercial pools up to 40,000 gallons. This unit offers a simple to install tower module. Just disconnect any 90-degree fitting and install the tower. (operates at 6000ppm) 

The WM40-XT400 is designed for Low Salt applications and is most suitable for pools with Gas or Electric Heating Systems. (operates at 4000ppm) 

Please contact our Service Tech to be sure to order the correct unit for your pool.


Below are some of the questions which may need to be answered.
Do you use a Sand, DE or Cartridge filter?
Do you have a pool heater?
What is the length, width and average depth of the pool?
Does your pool pump run on 110V or 220V?

We also stock a complete line of Replacement Parts.
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Salt Water Chlorinators for Swimming Pools and Spas