WM40 Power Suppy
EZ300 Cell
XT300 2" Full Flow-Through Cell
IDEAL Noalox - .5oz Tube - $5.00
Anti-Oxidant Joint Compound
This electrical lubricanting compound is an essential addition to the 
maintenance of our EZ300 cells. Simply use a small amount on the 
brass connector each time you unplug the cell for cleaning and it will keep the connector free of corrosion, prevent the connector from binding and also create greater conductivity for increased performance. 
Salt Water Chlorinators for Swimming Pools and Spas
The Watermaid USA Line of Products

WM40 - Power Supply 
- Standard Power Supply for all Cells. Available in 110V or 220V Models
Features Include:
- Heavy Duty Case - The WM40 casing is etched in an acid bath, galvanized dipped, and powder coated for extreme durability.
- Self Cleaing Cycle - Fully programable factory preset at 5 minutes per hour.
- Overload Protection - To help protect against power surges and lightning damage.
- Easy to Read Display - The WM40 LED display lights are simple and easy to read indicators at a glance.
- Adjustable Chlorine Output - The ouput can be easily adjusted by pressing the + or - keys which raise/lower the LED % lights.
- Salt Indicator - High/Low Salt Indicator lets you know if your salt level needs adjusting.

EZ300 Cell 
(Our Featured Product)(Available in 1 1/2" or 2" PVC) (6000ppm Salt)
- Patented Cell Design - Venturi Flow Cell featuring a T-Piece style piping design for easy install and EZ Cleaning.
- Removeable Cathode - The center Cathode can be simply removed by unscrewing the top for EZ cleaning. (NO ACID BATH)
- Large Electrode Area - This allows the cell to operate at is maximum efficiency even when calcium has built-up.
- Clear Cell Casing - Visually determime if the cell needs cleaning. No more guessing.
- Long Life Cell Design - Average cell life ranges from 5 - 8 years +.
- Easy to Install - The EZ300 T-Piece design is simple to install on new pools or existing pools.
- Gas Sensor - for cell shut-down in case of pump failure.
- Gas Trap - The unique Venturi design eliminates the need for a gas trap to be plumbed when using a heater.

Chlorine Output - per 10 Hour Running 
-10.58 Ounces 100% Available Chlorine 
Equivalent to: 
6.22 Ounces Calcium Hypochlorite Powder Chlorine 65% Available Chlorine or
2.5 Quarts of Sodium Hypochlorite Liquid Chlorine 12% Available Chlorine

Water Chemistry Requirements: All Cells
Free Chlorine Level  1-3 ppm
Filtered Water
PH 7.2- 7.8
Total Alkalinity 80-140ppm
Calcium Hardness Level  <200
Cyanuric Acid Level 50ppm
1 Hp or Greater Pump
25kg/Year of Epson Salts (Magnesium Sulphate or Epson Salts)
Maximum Salt Level 4000ppm - 6000ppm
All Cells treat Pool up to 40,000 Gallons

XT300 Cell - Full Flow-Through Cell Design - 2" Operates at 6000ppm Salt.

XT400 Cell - Full Flow-Through Cell Design - 2" Operates at 4000ppm Salt.

QT300 Cell - Full Flow-Through Cell Design - 1 1/2" Operates at 6000ppm Salt.

QT400 Cell - Full Flow-Through Cell Design - 1 1/2" Operates at 4000ppm Salt.

* All Full Flow-Through Cells incorporate a gas sensor which measures the presence of water within the cell not water-flow. This makes it a perfect fit for variable speed pump operation even at low speeds when other systems make become inactive due to mechanical flow devices.